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Unveiling "Tales from the 9th": Navigating the Confinement of the Ninth Floor

Step into a world where the confines of physical space intertwine with the weight of psychological burdens. Welcome to "Tales from the 9th," a collection of stories born from the depths of a small, confining space on the ninth floor, set against the backdrop of a strict and unforgiving country. Within this blog, we unravel the complexities of living within the boundaries of both physical and emotional constraints, painting a vivid portrait of resilience amidst adversity. In the midst of the chaos and uncertainty that engulfed the world during the pandemic, my family found solace on the ninth floor. It became our sanctuary, our cocoon against the relentless storm outside. Living alongside my wife and two children, our lives took on a unique rhythm, intricately entwined with the extreme depression and anxiety that plagued my beloved partner and myself. As I grappled with the weight of her mental health battles, I realized that "Tales from the 9th" could become a powerful platform to share our experiences, both real and imagined. Through these stories, I hope to explore different artistic mediums, delving into the essence of our lives, the events that unfolded, the ones that never did, and the ones that could have.

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