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design, spray, art, furniture


In the heart of Montreal, Canada, Sebi, a creative soul, grappled with societal expectations that hindered his artistic pursuits. However, when the pandemic confined him within the small and unattractive walls of his house, a profound transformation unfolded. Sebi, driven by a desire to beautify his surroundings and overcome depression, immersed himself in art creation. Within those limited confines, his passion ignited, leading to a remarkable personal journey.

Sebi's artistic exploration birthed the vision for a brand he named Lame Wall—a name inspired by the very walls that once confined him. His art-filled sanctuary became a testamony to the healing power of creativity and the triumph of self-expression over adversity.

Through vibrant strokes, pop art influences, cartoons and comic books and a fusion of streetwear and hip hop aesthetics, Sebi's art radiated resilience and authenticity with different personal stories. The once small and ugly house transformed into a captivating gallery, echoing his personal growth and mental well-being.​ Sebi's brand, Lame Wall, continues to uplift through vibrant art, a testament to the extraordinary beauty that emerges from the unlikeliest of places.

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